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Clinical Supervision

"Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud"
Hermann Hesse

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For me supervision is not only a way of "checking in" and to offer you support. The encounters with our clients continuously challenge our understanding and potential. We may not always be equipped with the map of the landscape of our client. My intention is to help you to find the map which allows you to safely assist your clients on their journey and to make you more aware of yours.
I offer individual supervsion. The undivided attention enables me to better connect with you and to assist you to discover your unique way to work with your clients and above all to release your own answers that lie within you.
I strongly believe in your wisdom, knowledge and ability to bring to light your own resources and it would be a privilege to accompany you in your own exploration of your work, your relationship with your clients and the journey to connect with your own truth.

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